Monday, March 16, 2009

Studio update & weekend retreat

Well, the studio is getting closer to completion, my dad finished painting the room in a beautiful blue/green/gray color called Ocean Air by Benjamin Moore. He did a maticulous job -thanks dad! The floor is a laminate by Shaw called Sydney Eugalyptus, in the picture it's a little darker but it's more like a medium oak color. As you can see I have some organizing to do which is always a challenge for me but mom, the master decorator with the incredible ability to balance any room, has offered to help. Plus i have a couple quilter friends who are ready and willing to make a run to Ikea!

So, to give you some perspective this is the area to the right when you first enter the room I think it will make for a cute little area to sit when I'm binding or doing hand work. I'm going to put a small love seat & table facing the tv with an area rug.

The area to the left of the tv will be this cute little roll-top desk I think will be great for keeping my calendar and project lists and miscellaneous office supplies. Ignore the white curtains - I found some modern curtains in brown with blue/gray circles I think will help finish the room. I don't quite have the modern touch yet -hopefully one day.

Continuing to the left is a cube shelf unit. I started placing projects and kits in the bins on the top and the next row is filled with patterns...I had to place the bins high enough because the little kitty loves to use them to sharpen her claws! The area with the lamp and ironing board will be the cutting, ironing & sewing machine area. The white wall unit on the left will house my quilt books.

Next, is my design wall - if anyone has any suggestions for the best material to use and how to hang so its snug up against the wall and doesn't sway I'd love to hear your comments!

And last but not least the giant fabric closet! 3 long shelves, the spacing is a little large so I'll add some additional shelving to break up the distance and to help keep the fabric from falling over. There is also plenty of space below to store batting and bins.

I'll keep you posted on it's progress!

I was at a quilt retreat this weekend with some wonderful ladies- Vicki thanks for inviting me! I had a great time. Some started at 8:00am and quilted to 3:00am...I still haven't recovered. It was very inspirational to see the various project and styles - bags, quilts, table runners, more bags, blocks...everyone was quite productive.

My weekend was pretty productive too I finished the Cowgirl Ranch quilt which I started over a year ago I put on the red inner and the rose/brown outer borders.

I also sewed up 9 inch blocks of my old stash to make a couple lap quilts.

I also completed a block for Project Improv which lead to making 4 additional blocks for this quilt below. I was inspired to do something crazy so I put a 6" bold black & white border which you can see on this first picture but after I cropped the picture I like the smaller border the blocks don't get lost...I'll probably trim it to 3 or 4" -each block is 12". What do you think?

Sorry for the long post but so much going on I wanted to catch up! Spring is in the air...yippee!


  1. Don't forget a good lamp in the binding corner! And I have the seatless minivan all ready for the Ikea run! The improve quilt totally rocks. I can't wait to see how you quilt it! And as for the quilt wall, I totally love my Block Butler. It sticks directly to the wall, but doesn't leave any residue on the wall. Pieces stick to it perfectly. I struggle w/flannel and batting quilt walls. I've had to pin some pieces to them. I can loan you mine to try out if you want, since Dave hasn't cleared the "finishing the basement" stuff out from in front of any wall for me to utilize as a quilt wall.

  2. The Project Improv quilt is amazing - I love it!

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  3. I love the wonky squares! The colors are great too!