Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hi all, Happy New Year - I'm a little behind with my blog and new year wishes! I hope you all had a nice time as I had a wonderful holiday to relax and enjoy family and friends...and lots of pet and quilting time!

For those who know Kitty she does not like to share her space with Sophie at all but this morning since we haven't had much sun these days I guess she was willing to share her sunbathing time just this once! They are actually still there why I'm writing this post -this is record time they've stayed this close to each other!

BY the way, check out these cool modern/retro kitty beds at Like Kittysville on -love her fabric options. She also rescues feral cats and gives them a home -what a kind and generous lady!
This is a picture out my dining room window it was of the Blue Moon on New Year's eve - it was so bright it lit up the snow so it actually did feel and look blue!

Thanks for stopping by! I have to get ready for a sew-in tonight at Tammy Tadds store to work on a couple commission items. Tomorrow I will post some of the quilting projects I worked on in December that kept me pretty busy. Some of the photo quilts are posted on my Flickr site if you want to check them out!