Saturday, March 6, 2010

Modern baby quilts!

Well it's been a busy year so far for baby my previous post I promised to show the completed quilt for Holly's little Ivan and I couldn't be more pleased on how it turned out. It was a lot of fun picking out the fabrics and making the wonky cuts. Jennie told me to place all the fabrics in a bag and blindly pull out fabric to sew on each log - I couldn't do it! I had to plan each log. I've been liberated in not doing 90 degree angles but I still have to plan out the fabrics and color placement. The hippo block was actually the one i grabbed every bold print and went to town and it's definitely my favorite!

One thing I did realize after making this quilt was that I do not have enough bold pattern fabrics - oh my! Well, I spent a bunch of time today surfing for fun fabrics and two sites had a wonderful selection - Fabricworm and HawthorneThreads you should check them out.

This sweet quilt was made for Jen's little Cameron -what a peanut! I held her at work Friday for 15 mins and I melted!!! She is 3 weeks old and felt so tiny! We told Jen she needs to come back to work right now with Cameron -the stress level in the office dropped 100%!

This is a sneak peak of a quilt for another mother-to-be but I haven't given it too her yet! I sure do love pinks and oranges together.

Today, was a beautiful day sunny and somewhat warm at least enough to open the windows for a couple hours to smell the fresh air! Spring can't come soon enough :)

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  1. As always - beautiful work! I love the pinks and oranges too!